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                When you mention the word astrology the first thought that comes to your mind is your zodiac sign? Outside of their own personal zodiac sign most people probably don’t know the other signs or what days they start and end. What’s even more disturbing to a Master Astrologer, like myself, is that most people don’t know how a zodiac sign is determined in the first place. Thus, in order for me to write an article about Moon Magick I must first clear up a few things in all of the readers minds out there.

Your zodiac sign is determined by defining what star constellation aka star system, the sun was transiting on the day you were born. There are many different astrological versions and methods of obtaining this information and I will be writing articles on this in the near future. The majority of the systems out there function on a 12 Sign Zodiac, however, I discovered a 13 Sign system that is more accurate and was mapped out using modern astronomical equipment, so this is the version I refer to in all of my writings and lectures. I have tested every astrological system and when it comes to timing, accuracy, and precision, the key ingredients of magick, this is by far the best vehicle.


                Just like the sun travels the ecliptic and through all 13 star systems, well so does the Moon. In actuality the moon was the first body that was tracked by the ancient humans. (Refer To 13 Signs Astrology Solar Biology Part 1 By. Ra Imhotep The phases of the Moon are very significant in agriculture and farming. The moon is also the most important body when it comes to keeping time. Look at the Moon as the minute hand and the Sun as the hour hand on a clock. The Moon travels all 360 degrees of the ecliptic within 30 days and the sun takes 365 days, which would mean that, if one wanted to predict the tides of change on a day to day basis they would have to start off by analyzing the Moon. In ancient times the Moon was always more significant than the sun and it wasn’t until the advent of patriarchy that the moon became less significant and predominantly associated with the feminine principal. (More on this later)

In truth the Moon has more of an obvious affect over humans than the Sun does. Since the Moon is changing so much it governs the human personality and is used as a yard stick to predict human behavior. The moon affects humans on a psychological and sub conscious level making its behavior hard to regulate within human nature. The moon is said to rule our emotional state because of the magnetic affect it has on water and water is the basis of our emotional bodies. The Moon also governs cycles such as the female menstrual cycle and it is a great heavenly body to observe when it comes to tracking an individuals sexual nature or habits.

The Moon has 8 phases that it goes through on a 30 day basis. These phases are like cycles and are defined as the New Moon, Crescent Moon, First Quarter Moon, Gibbous Moon, Full Moon, Disseminating Moon, Last Quarter Moon, and the Balsamic Moon. Each of these phases are like markers on a marathon and can be used to measure time. The days are different degrees of the Moon phases playing out in our lives. Each Moon phase lasts approximately 2 days and a couple of hours. If you start to observe your personality as well as those who may live with you, based upon the Moon passing through these various phases, then you will begin to learn more about these cycles from your own experiences.


When you plant a seed, water it a few times, and come back and you see a plant there, you may not think too much of it. If you are a little curious then you may look into the mechanics or botany, to attempt to ascertain how this process takes effect. I could use a lot of fancy words to explain to you how this process works, however, I’ll save you the time and headache to say it’s simple how it works, magick. When one studies the 8 lunar phases they will begin to realize that all things that come into creation grow and mature through these cycles. Just like a seed can grow from honoring and working the phases of the moon, well so can an idea. An idea is just like a seed, only it’s an energetic seed. (Refer To The Right To Bear Arms By. Ra Imhotep (

With a little practice and determination a neophyte can begin to work with these 8 phases of the Moon to manifest the things they want. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or breaking a bad habit, like cigarettes, working within the lunar phases is the way to go. The ancients did everything based on the Moon and seemed to be pretty successful at it to have had very little equipment. Their success can easily be attributed to the magickal electromagnetic energy that is emitted the aura of the Moon and transmitted by the tides of water, into our consciousness. Moonlight is not only beautiful, but it’s a technology that can be worked with and stored within the aura of humans. This energy can be converted into spiritual energies such as shin or chi and can be used in sex and in other the attracting arts.

Before one gets into Moon rituals I always suggest that you get a brief background of the Moon and its origins because it will help you to understand how to work with this heavenly body in magick work. At one point our current Moon was a chunk of the Earth. There are many stories in mythology that document exactly how this splitting took place. Some cultures say Luna did it and others say Pluto, but no matter what name you give this person or event it’s amazing to note that every culture has a similar story.

I bring the above up mainly to point out the fact that we associate the Moon predominantly with the feminine energy, because of it’s connection to the menstral cycle, all mythologies agree that it was a male who transformed into a Lunatic and created the Moon out of Chaos. In fact, it was not until Greek culture where we find a plethora of female deities associated with the Moon. The Sumerians claim that Sin, a male Lunar deity, birthed Shamesh, a male Sun deity. In ancient Kemet we find goddesses such as Sekmet, who are solar deities and male Gods like Tehuti, who are Lunar. If you want to benefit from the magick of the moon one will have start seeing it from the eyes of a magician which is to see it in 3 feminine aspects and one masculine aspect, for a total of 4 aspects. Below is a brief list to demonstrate the 4 magickal aspects of the moon.


Hecate- Mother, Ghosts, In Between multiple dimensions, and portals.

Diane- Sister,daughter, hunter, Child birth, menstruation, and purity.

Selene- Wife and queen of the underworld.

Thoth- Magick, Semen, Time, Lunacy, and, the Sub Conscious

All of the above names and their many meanings are attributes of the moon. Each of these names rule two different phases of the moon. Below is a list of the eight phases of the moon as well as their esoteric meanings.

New Moon

New Seeds

New Goals

New Ideas

New Challenges

New Experiences

Full Moon




Crescent Moon

Sprouting Period




Disseminating Moon



Sewing Seeds


First Quarter Moon



Surfacing Imperfection

Last Quarter Moon



Final Product

Gibbous Moon




Balsamic Moon



Closure of the Ritual

As stated above, two of each of these lunar phases is ruled by one of the above aspects. Hecate rules the New and Balsamic Moon’s. One can more easily manifest their intentions that line up with this particular aspect of the Moons attributes during these specific phases.

Diane aka Dina rules the First Quarter and the Disseminating Moon’s. One can work with her, under the First Quarter phase, during times when they need more aggression and drive to achieve their goals. By simply meditating and focusing on your said goals, during her lunar phases, you can manifest instantly. Diane can also be worked with in releasing bad habits and cleansing rituals under her Balsamic Lunar phase.

Selene is to be worked with under the Crescent and Last Quarter Moon phases. She will help you get things going in a way to where you get the best karmic results. She is connected to our memory and when you work with her during her phases you will miraculously know what to say and ask for to best aid in your situation.

Thoth is the male aspect of the Moon and he rules the Gibbous Moon and The Full Moon. Under the Gibbous Moon Thoth acts as the father balancing and structuring your goals for you as well as aiding you with the faith of anticipation. The night of the full Moon is also owned by Thoth. It is under this energy that people become lunatics due to an abundance of magnetism in our atmosphere at the time of full moons. Under this energy much magick and alchemical reactions take place.

Working Moon rituals are very affective when it comes to manifesting through magickal work. Moon rituals are easy and they usually work themselves out if you just do what your suppose to do under each phase. The most important phases are the New and Full Moon’s. The secret is to plant your seeds (write down your goals) under the new moon and look for manifestation under the full moon. The moons between the new and full moons are to be worked with based on the attributes I listed above. Once the Full Moon manifests your magick should too.

Remember, just because all of your wishes and intentions didn’t come by the full Moon doesn’t mean the ritual didn’t work. You still have the Moons after the Full Moon and up to the new Moon to reflect over why these things didn’t come. The reflection aspect of magick is very key because it helps you to get better for the next New Moon.

When working Moon rituals it’s good to build an Alter. There are different types of alters for different rituals and occasions. When you are doing Moon rituals you want to build a Moon alter. Building a lunar alter is can be as easy and simple as having a small table with a white cloth. The items that you put on the alter is what makes it lunar. I usually use cups of water, fresh veggies and fruits, pictures of woman I look up to (matriarchs), and sometimes coins. Once you’ve constructed a nice alter you can then sit in front of it and meditate under the various Moon phases. I strongly suggest that you keep a Moon alter set up in your home on a daily basis because Moon rituals can be worked on a day to day basis.

Lastly, you can even take Moon rituals a step further for clearer manifestations and accuracy. Find out what star constellation the Moon is in during a particular time and look to see where this is in your 13 Signs Natal Chart. (If you don’t have one please visit the link below). Once you pinpoint what house the Moon is transiting in your natal chart you can then work manifestation rituals based upon what that house rules. For instance, the 7th house rules soul mates, partnerships, and marriage. If you want to manifest a better situation for yourself in this area of your life then wait until the moon is transiting that particular house and focus your intentions on that area of your life. Find out what phase the Moon is in during that time so that you can work with the particular deity that rules that phase. (The deities are listed above). This can get technical for a person who is a neophyte to astrology so I provide a service via that is called the new moon ritual. We do all of the work for you like hunting down where the Moon will be in your natal chart and giving you a ritual based on that area of your life.


                 In addition to this I share with you a secret about lunar rituals that will help you tremendously. You see, even though the Moon has 8 phases once you get more into magick you’ll find that, in truth, there is only 2 phases, the new and full moon. The other moons act as markers, thus I share with you a ritual that will help you manifest by doing the new moon ritual in accordance with where the full moon will be approximately 2 weeks later, specific to your natal chart. This method increases your success potential.

In closing, Moon rituals may seem laughable and imaginary, however mother nature is doing Moon rituals every time we plant a seed. To the uninformed, it may not look like a tiny seed can grow into a huge plant, but this doesn’t stop it from happening. There are unseen forces in our lives, that we can’t see, however they’re very real. These forces are intelligent and what the magician is learning  to do in rituals is to manipulate these intelligent forces so that they can begin to work for them, instead of against them, like they often do. (More on that in another article).

The Moon is the most important planet when it comes to the Occult and magick. In religion the moon is suppressed and the Sun is exalted. The secrets of the Moon were purposely hidden from the public because of the power humans can gain from it’s energy. True, the sun is the most important body because it’s the giver of life, but the Moon is important when it comes to the day to day affairs of humanity. The moons magnetism has a very strong link to the emotions, water, kundalini, and, memory of humans rendering it the most important planet in magick.

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Thanks for reading!

Ra Imhotep